This website is about Najat Al Saghira from a fan who listened to her songs and seen her wonderful performances on screen back in 1960s. At present, visitors to this web site will not find audio or video recordings of her films or concerts. These items are available elsewhere.

It is hoped that visitors to this website will provide additional accurate information on Najat herself or on the developments of her work and its environments at the time. To my knowledge no biography or even an informative Article known to be authenticated or approved by her exists. I am therefore searching for more quality information on Najat Al Saghira.

To start with, a number of dated and un-dated photos are presented here. These photos are already in circulation. Visitors are invited to provide applicable corrections to shown dates and also provide proven dates for the un-dated photos.

Visitors are also invited to comment and/or provide feedbacks on accuracy of the information outlined anywhere on this web site. Comments and feedbacks encroaching on her privacy, contentious or derogatory in any way to her person or privacy are not acceptable.